CEU UCH lecturer, Dr Nicolás Montes, guest editor of the journal Sustainability
CEU UCH lecturer, Dr Nicolás Montes, guest editor of the journal Sustainability

The international journal Sustainability has invited CEU UCH lecturer Dr Nicolás Montes to edit a special issue of the journal, regarding international research into the use of robotics in sustainability educationDr Montes is the lead researcher of the European project DART4City, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, with the goal being to create an innovative approach to sustainability education through the use of robotics, in primary and secondary schools across Europe. Led by CEU UCH, and with partners in Italy and Cyprus, the DART4City team is working on how to incorporate greater artistic creativity in the future design of cities. The idea is to take issues such as sustainability, social integration and multiculturalism into account, through the programming of robotic platforms.

The special issue of Sustainability, edited by Dr Montes, forms part of the “Sustainable Education and Approaches” section, which will bring together the latest research up to March 2022 carried out across the world on the use of robotics, the design of robotic systems or mobile robots  in teaching themes related to sustainability at all levels of education, from primary school right through to postgraduate training.

For Dr Montes, “although robotics is not a teaching method in itself, the possibilities it offers are immense to convey concepts sustainability. Robots can play the role of companion, co-learner or even tutor in the students’ learning process. At CEU UCH, together with colleagues at CEU schools, we have been able to undertake several initiatives of this type, using robotic platforms to enable students to imagine and design more sustainable cities for the future.”

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