During this week he will get to know the energy saving systems of Cardenal Herrera thanks to a grant from Erasmus mobility for Services and Administration Staff

Martin Gass, responsible for maintenance of the german Hochschule Offenburg University, is doing an Erasmus stay at CEU-UCH this week. He was accompanied by Mariam Ruiz, head of Heritage Resources and Maintenance Materials at CEU-UCH, and Francisco Esquembre, from the Architect Heritage Service. They toured the university´s facilities to find out about the characteristics of its energy supply, heating, ventilation and automation and to get to know “new ideas that work” in the management of the university campus.

Gass praised the design approach of buildings at CEU- UCH, for they take into account both energy savings and, especially, the sensitivity towards the needs of students in their academic activities from the planning stage. In this regard, Gass specifically highlighted the group work rooms in the new Veterinary facilities and in the CRAI Library. He described them as being an example of adapting premises for university  students, something which does not happen in his university where classroom and office planning is more limited. He believed them to be five times better than those at the Hochschule Offenburg.

The Hochschule Offenburg, located in Germany’s Black Forest, has around 4,000 students and has four campuses. Two of these campuses are dedicated to energy engineering and to medicine and biotechnology studies. They combine public resources with significant private and business contributions towards the construction and equipping of their facilities.

Erasmus mobility program for staff

The Erasmus program also promotes the international mobility of personnel from administration and services at universities. CEU Cardenal Herrera gives approximately 15 scholarships to participate in this program every year. The length of stay is five days and it is dedicated to the standard university services or to training at a European university. CEU -UCH members of staff who are interested in participating in this program can apply by contacting the person in charge of the program at the university about their interest through members of the International Relations Office.

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