The visit forms part of a European collaboration project which aims to improve animal welfare practices in farming

Representatives from SETBIR (Union of Dairy, Beef, Food Industrialist and Producers of Turkey) and FEDACOVA (The Farming Industry Federation in the Valencia Region) visited the facilities of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University’s Veterinary Teaching and Research Farm, to learn more about the procedures that have been put in place to protect animal welfare.

Paula Martínez Ros, Director of the CEU UCH Teaching Farm provided the FEDACOVA and SETBIR representatives with a tour of the facilities where the veterinary students train.

The CEU UCH Teaching and Research Farm follows the protocol established by the European Union regarding the number of square metres of space each animal needs according to its size and body weight and also the exercise areas the animals require. A specialist lecturer is assigned to each species, who is responsible for monitoring these animals’ health, food, and exercise programme, amongst many other functions.

CEU’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only faculty in Spain to use animal mannequins to enable students to acquire the skills needed before they turn to handling live animals. These mannequins include one which enables students to practise obstetric procedures in cows and others which enable training in reproductive systems in cows and horses.

During the visit, the SETBIR and FEDACOVA delegations were able to gain a first-hand insight into the functioning of the facilities, the animal welfare procedures and the use of animal mannequins at the Teaching Farm.

A European project to improve animal welfare practices

In addition to the tour of the CEU UCH facilities, the Turkish delegation will also visit different farms of grazing animals where best practices in animal welfare are also being implemented. This select group of farms have benefited from the expertise of the Director of the Teaching Farm.

These visits form part of a European cooperation project between FEDACOVA and SETBIR whose objective is to improve animal welfare in the industry, inside and outside the EU. This European project also aims to build a positive image of animal welfare practices in Turkey and the surrounding areas.

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