Almost twenty French students are enrolled in the first year of the degree in Physiotherapy at the Elche campus of CEU-UCH Cardenal Herrera University…a warm welcome to all of them!

“A novelty”, César Casimiro, Vice-rector of the academic center, claims. “And it confronts us with new challenges such as teaching these students Spanish, which is an aspect of the internationalization process that started at the campus in Valencia a few years ago.”

The students, who over the course of the past weeks have started their classes, stress that in France access to degree programs in Physiotherapy is difficult due to the limited number of places. “That is why they decided to come to Spain”, Casimiro says. “And since they study here, they will learn Spanish, which broadens their employment possibilities.”

The students say they especially appreciate the practical approach in the courses, the innovative study of the human body and their close contact with the professors and tutors at the Elche campus of CEU Cardenal Herrera University. They also value the town’s leisure and cultural possibilities, as well as the nice climate.

These twenty students are part of a very large group of French-speaking students who have chosen CEU Cardenal Herrera University to develop their studies in fields like Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Veterinary Sciences (Médecine Vétérinaire), among others.

Not only do these students come from France, but also from other French-speaking countries such as Belgium, Morocco or Switzerland.


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