Anxo Pérez, multilingual, international self-made man and founder of “8 Belts” participated in the 11th International Congress for Experimental and Health Sciences Students of the CEU-UCH

“Move your present” could have been the 8 Belts founder’s motto, indeed, during his lecture given during the 11th International Congress for Experimental and Health Sciences Students of the CEU-UCH. Anxo Pérez explained to CEU-UCH students that his program allows them to learn Chinese in just 8 months.

During his intervention, organized by the Language Service and the Health Sciences Faculty, Anxo Pérez spoke about his 8Belts Program, dedicated to those who would like to learn a language in 8 months thanks to an innovative and internationally-proved-to-be-efficient method. He also spoke about how to be a successful entrepreneur and what it costs to grow professionally in our globalized world.

Anxo Pérez, Former Valencian student and director of the international program 8Belts, speaks 8 languages including French, English, Chinese, Italian and some others. He has worked for the FBI, the UN, he has been Barack Obama’s official translator and interpreter and he still has time to play 6 musical instruments perfectly and to get the main role in an American movie.

Confident and humble at the same time, Anxo talked about the way to become an entrepreneur in our society and what it costs. “For a high price, you will get a high reward, and on the contrary, for a low price, you will be rewarded with a low prize”. To illustrate his words he explained that his deep knowledge of foreign languages cost him more than 35.000 hours of work and that his 8 Belts project has not been created without sacrifices, efforts and thinking.

According to what Anxo Pérez explained students who were participating in the 11th International Congress of the CEU-UCH, it has been difficult for him to get credibility, having to explain to professionals and organizations that “every language can be learned in only 8 months”, that in order to do so “ it is required to decipher the genetic code of the language” and to use “ the 80/20 rule which means learning only 20 % of the language that will be used the 80% of the diary life time”.

Progressively, overcoming obstacles thanks to a lot of work, Anxo Pérez reached his 8 Belts program settlement and seems to be proud that today “more than 1000 people have learned Chinese” thanks to his program.

To end this conference, Anxo Pérez offered students who were attending the conference a  two-week free access to his 8 Belts program to learn Chinese and  played a 5 songs Potpourri in various languages on the piano put in place by the CEU-UCH University.

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