Understanding and managing how international trade transactions work in the digital environment is the objective of the Master’s in International Trade and Digital Business

What are some of the currentchallenges for companies? Experts point to the digital revolution, driven by the Covid-19 crisis, where economic transactions are not face-to-face. Therefore, they must prepare for a scenario where the economic engine is digital: everything is sold via the internet in different countries and the borders are telematic. As a result, professionals with knowledge in economics, recruitment and e-commerce are demanded. As a result, the Master’s Degree in International Trade and Digital Business will be offered by CEU Elche next academic year.

The objective of this postgraduate degree is to train students so that they are capable of understanding and managing the operation of international trade transactions. This also includes digital marketing skills so that they can carry out any international trade strategy and digital business. Based on this premise, the goal of the Master’s Degree is obvious, according to its coordinators, Elena Martínez-Sanchís and Susi Rosa. “Professional specialization is sought against commercial paralysis by companies that are not currently adapted to the Digital Age,” they say.

Susi Rosa Egea, coordinator of the Master’s Degree

For this reason, the Master’s focuses on acquiring certain skills. First, an international vision and the ability to make global business decisions. Likewise, an international sales strategy, taking into account current business models on the internet. Lastly, knowledge of the rules of the game, from the perspective of international trade in the digital field. “The Master’s students will see how their chances of developing a professional career in innovative companies increase. Companies that value the ability to create new solutions before impending challenges”, affirm its coordinators.

Due to this requirement, the methodology will emphasize the practical part, with students being able to take part in a business internationalization or digitization project. Consequently, the faculty reflects this practical character.

An international faculty

Among the experts, the following ones stand out: in the area of International Recruitment, Pedro Pablo Ortuño, Managing Partner of CEGEM Abogados, Miguel Ángel Martín, Advisor, Coah and Mentor in Foreign Trade Strategies CEO of ActivaRadio.org and Jaime Hurtado Cola, Vice President, Lawyer at Dragados USA.

In the field of Electronic Commerce, Marta Suárez Fernández, Director of International Business of the Eastern Territory at Banco Sabadell, Carlos Tur
Founder at BLOCKCHANGE running on the real world, Richard McBride
Founder of Richard A. Mac Bride Abogados and Executive Director of UAIPIT (University of Alicante Intellectual Property and Information Technology Project) and Mario Pomares Caballero, Managing Partner of Berenguer y Pomares, Abogados.

The International Finance module includes the presence of Juan Salar Silvestre, Financial Director of Almendras Llopis, Sergio Serrano Iglesias, General Director of GESEM and Gabriel Pastor, Responsible for Finance & Administration, (IT) Systems and Quality, in Gaviota Simbac.

Regarding the training in International Trade operations, the professors will be Jose María Diago,Territorial Director of Mutua Universal, Jose Antonio Gutiérrez Camino,Head of Service of the Control and Dispatch Area of the Maritime Customs of Alicante, Jose Antonio Polo Espí,Expert in customs management and foreign trade, Manuel Samper Wamba,Customs Agent, Administrator and owner of Manuel Samper SLU, Francisco Javier Vigueras Elípe, Provincial Customs and Excise Office of Alicante and Irene Cantó Nieto,Regional Inspection Unit Customs Inspector in AEAT/DIT.

Enrico Ahrens, with experience in Strategic Marketing at Unilevel and Price Waterhouse Cooper, Aitor Contreras,Digital Marketing Strategies at DUPLA Agency, Esther Silván,Responsible for Social Media at Mapfre and Specialist in the marketing area of Social Media at BBVA, Patricia García Nofuentes,Influencer, Content Writer and Blogger, Álvaro Villa, specialist in Digital Advertising at the IG Agency, Guille Rodríguez,Corporate Director of Social Media at Grupo Palladium, Bego Fontanet,Full-stack Developer at Agencia 8tags and César Mariel,CEO start-up Iristrace and Mentor for Entrepreneurs.

Finally, in the digital action plan, students will be trained with Susi Rosa Egea, Commercial and Marketing Director at DS REFINISH, María Villanueva Requena, Marketing Consultant and Branding Advisor at PROTECMARK, Álex Rubio, Director of Branding and Digital Marketing at Twelfhundred, Andrea Gutiérrez, Digital Analyst at Agencia Lin3s, Carrefour y McCann and Antonio Andrés Lencina, Executive Director DSI- Data Strategy Insitute.

Elena Martínez Sanchís, coordinator of the Master’s

Important information:

  • Start date: October 6, 2021
  • End date: July 15, 2022
  • Hours: Wednesday and Friday: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Coordinators: Elena Martínez-Sanchís and Susi Rosa Egea
  • More information:
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