Dr Sheth, a lecturer in epidemiology at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, is now a Fellow of this prestigious British institution

The Royal Society of Biology has made Dr Chirag Sheth, (CEU UCH), lecturer in epidemiology at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, a Fellow of the institution. This British learned society, founded in 2009, seeks to advance the interests of biology and recognizes distinguished professionals in the biological sciences from across the world with a Fellowship via a rigorous selection process.

In response to this recognition, Dr Sheth said, “to be named a ‘Fellow’ of the Royal Society of Biology is a prestigious international distinction, because this only happens when you can demonstrate a distinctive and notable contribution to the advancement of biological science. Fellows are, therefore, recognized experts who have made a significant impact on biological research, education and professional practice. And also, being a fellow of this society brings opportunities to share knowledge and work alongside some of the top scientists in the world.”

The Fellows of the Royal Society of Biology include some of the top international researchers and academics working in the biological sciences today and are subject to a rigorous selection process based on the candidate’s scientific achievements.

Dr Sheth, a lecturer in epidemiology at CEU UCH’s Faculty of Health Sciences, is now a Fellow of this prestigious British institution.

Nomination and selection process

The Royal Society of Biology accepts nominations for qualified candidates from across the world. Fellows are selected on the basis of their scientific achievements and the contributions they have made to the field internationally. The RSB considers the number, quality and impact of research publications in the biological sciences, whether these concern scientific discoveries, technological advances or contributions of an educational nature.

Also taken into account for a fellowship are the candidate’s career and overall professional experience, including collaborations, mentoring of early-career researchers, supervision of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, and services to the academic community. The Society also considers the opinion’s of the candidates peers, with references being sought from scientific colleagues who can vouch for the candidate’s achievements.

About Dr Chirag Sheth, FRSB

Educated at the University of Kent and the University of Aberdeen in the UK, Dr Chirag Sheth is co-lead researcher of the Oral Microbiology Research Group at CEU UCH, together with Dr Verónica Veses. His research concerns a range of important issues, including the influence of diet on oral microflora, the relationship between oral inflammation and cancer, and the development of new antimicrobial substances for the food industry. Spain’s national quality assurance agency for higher education, ANECA, has positively assessed the research carried out by Dr Sheth over two six-year periods and he has supervised several doctoral theses at CEU’s international doctoral school, CEINDO.

Dr Sheth lectures on the Medicine and Dentistry degrees at CEU UCH in Valencia, teaching courses such as Epidemiology and Public Health and Microbiology and Immunology. He has also held a range of senior administrative roles at CEU UCH, including Vice-Rector for Internationalization.

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