The jury, made up of prestigious architects like Gonçalo Byrne and Javier García Solera, meets to select the winning photographs

Spanish and Portuguese architecture students take part in the competition, organized by the Degree in Architecture at CEU-UCH and the professional journal TC Cuadernos.

Students from Spanish and Portuguese Architecture schools submitted 31 photos in total for CIFA 2014, the first edition of the Iberian Competition of Architectural Photography (I Concurso Ibérico de Fotografía de Arquitectura) that is organized by CEU-UCH and TC Cuadernos. The international jury of experts that will choose the winning entries has gathered today at the Technical School of Engineering, ESET, (Escuela Superior de Enseñanzas Técnicas) at CEU-UCH Cardenal Herrera University to issue its decision. All entries are open to the public to observe at the ESET institute.

The jury is composed of Rosa Visiedo, CEU-UCH rector, José Miguel Rubio, TC Cuadernos editor, the prestigious architects Gonçalo Byrne and Javier García Solera, Iñaki Bergera, architect and photographer, Diego Opazo, photographer, and Ricardo Merí, IDIT director and secretary of the competition.

The first and the runner-up prize that the international jury will award consist in books and journals, worth 500 and 300 euros respectively, to be chosen freely by the winning contestant from publications by General de Ediciones de Arquitectura.

Contestants also have a chance of winning the prize of the audience, which like the runner-up prize awarded by the jury will be worth 300 euros. Voting on entries is possible on the TC Cuadernos web page until November 5.

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