A group of CEU-UCH Erasmus students attended an audience hosted by the President of the Valencian Government which was held for those European studies undertaking a period of studies in Valencian universities due to this famous exchange programme. The CEU-UCH students were accompanied by the vice-chancellor, Rosa Visiedo, the International Relations vice-chancellor, Iñaki Bilbao, the student body vice-chancellor, María José González, and a member of staff from the International Relations office.

In his speech to the Erasmus students, the director of the Council announced the immediate launch of the ‘Young Erasmus Entrepreneurs Project” which, in collaboration with other European regions, “will allow Valencian entrepreneurs to gain entrepreneurial experience in other EU countries and will grant Valencian SMEs the opportunity to develop new ideas to improve and help them to become more global in business,” stressed Fabra.

Alberto Fabra, who praised the quality of Valencia’s universities, emphasised that the mobility of Erasmus students “is one of the most important schemes for European integration, a union of language learning and cultural exchange which is the future of today’s youth.”

Tras la recepción oficial, los alumnos Erasmus conocieron el Palau de la Generalitat a través de una visita guiada.

After the offical reception, the Erasmus students learned more about the Valencian Parliament building through a guided tour.

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