The Final Degree Project (FDP) in Architecture by José Luis Moreno, awarded by the COACV, is currently being exhibited at the Science Museum of Valencia

The Professional Association of Architects of the Region of Valencia (COACV), which awarded this alumni’s FDP as the best of the years 2015-16, organizes the exhibition “Architecture Awards“, which can be visited until February 25th

José Luis Moreno Delgado, formado en Arquitectura en la CEU-UCH, premio al mejor Proyecto Fin de Carrera del Colegio de Arquitectos de la CV, en la exposición del Museo de las Ciencias.

A museum piece! The best Final Degree Project in Architecture of the years 2015 and 2016 is the work of CEU alumni José Luis Moreno Delgado. His proposed artists’ residency in his native island Ibiza, under the name ‘Xarc’, is now part of the exhibition “Architecture Awards”, organized by the Professional Association of Architects of the Region of Valencia (COACV). An exhibition which portrays their biennial awards to the best works of Valencian architects. This exhibition can be visited, until next February 25th, at the Science Museum of Valencia.

The exhibition is structured following the different sections of the COACV Awards: Architecture, Architecture and Rehabilitation, Urbanism, Interior Design and Final Projects. In this last category, along with the award-winning work of José Luis Moreno Delgado, the FDP of another CEU alumni, Ernesto Correa Selva, who received one of the two mentions of honor in the same COACV call for his project, is also on display.

Three consecutive prizes for CEU Valencia

The award for the best biennial FDP to José Luis Moreno was the third consecutive award for a student of CEU Valencia. Now everyone can see in the Science Museum of Valencia his project ‘Xarc’: a project between urban and rural. For José Luis, “both the dialogue and the disposition with the environment is what makes the proposal unique. It is a visual and volumetric project that can be labeled as experimental, modern, daring… But in reality, it picks up the architecture and traditions of the island of Ibiza, setting them under new codes and materials “.

El proyecto ‘Xarc’, de José Luis Moreno, premiado como mejor Proyecto Fin de Carrera en Arquitectura, por el COACV.

While his work is exhibited in Valencia, the alumni of Architecture José Luis Moreno has already begun to enjoy the scholarship granted by Arquia, among Architecture students from all over Spain, at the headquarters of the Metropolis Foundation in Madrid. José Luis has been working for more than a month in this Foundation, dedicated to the design of urban solutions for the cities of the future, with headquarters in London, Mexico, Bogotá, and Singapore, as well as Madrid.

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