Takahashi is one of the leading international experts in the analysis of media coverage of environmental issues

The research line is integrated into Socio-Economic and Environmental Research Institute (IDEAS), led by Maite Mercado

Members of the Sustainability and Specialized Journalism Research Group at CEU-UCH held on June 13th the working session with one of the leading international experts in environmental journalism: Bruno Takahashi, assistant professor of journalism at Michigan State University (United States). This university, rated one of the top 100 research universities in the world, houses the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, one of the leading research centers in this field in the United States, along with the Universities of Colorado Boulder, Columbia and Tennessee.

Professor Takahashi, a member of the School of Journalism and the Department of Communication at the Michigan State University, carries out his research around media coverage of environmental issues, social behavior towards climate change and the various actors and sources in the production process of messages in this area. Among other projects, the professor is currently working on fracking– the topic that has begun to develop the research group at CEU-UCH-, comparing the risk perception of this type of soil hydraulic fracturing for natural gas extraction in four North American states, in a country where this practice has been used for many decades in relation to Europe.

Bruno Takahashi visited CEU-UCH to share his work with the research group of the university. During his stay in Europe this June he attended the Conference on Communication and the Environment, in Uppsala (Sweden), organized by International Environmental Communication Association (IECA). He will also participate in the 63rd congress of the International Communication Association (ICA) Challenging Communication Research, held in London. In Uppsala, Takahashi presented his latest research dedicated to the comparative analysis of journalists and bloggers in the treatment of environmental issues.

Sustainability and Journalism

The Sustainability and Specialized Journalism Research Group at CEU-UCH, established this year and whose principal investigator is Professor of Journalism Maite Mercado, carries out a research project ‘Analysis of news coverage of energy policy in Spain, the reception process and social organizations´ within the program R & D + i of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness 2013-2015 (Reference CSO2012-38363). The research group comprises, with Professor Mercado, the teachers of the CEU-UCH María José Pou, Angels Alvarez, Angel Castaños and Elisa Marco, Professor of UV Sebastián Sánchez Castillo, Professor of UCLM José María Herranz, and Professor at the European University Miguel de Cervantes Rosa Maria Arráez.

Since its creation at the beginning of this year, members of the group are already participating in various national and international conferences, such as the Spanish Association of Communication Research   (EC-IC), the Spanish Society of Journalism – Sociedad Española de Periodística (SEP), the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), and the Latin American Association of Sociology of Organizations – Asociación Iberoamericana de Sociología de las Organizaciones (AISO).  In these conferences they have presented their first results on how the media informs about energy policies in Spain and how the major actors of the sector are represented in the media, which are politicians, industry, scientists and social organizations.

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