Last week, a group of representatives of Eures and the Ministry of Employment of Finland visited our Faculty of Health Sciences to learn more on how our students of Nursing are trained. 

Eures is a network created by the European Commission with the aim of facilitating labor mobility in Europe

The Finnish delegation visited CEU-UCH and showed interest for the training of nurses at our university

Rosa Visiedo, Rector at CEUCardenal Herrera University, received a Finnish delegation consisting of representatives from the European network Eures and the Ministry of Employment and Economy of this Nordic country. The delegation visited the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The members of the Finnish delegation were accompanied by the chairman of the College of Nursing of Valencia when they visited the facilities at CEU-UCH. They showed interest for the training of future nurses at our university.

The College of Nursing of Valencia has been keeping a series of agreements the last few years with the health services in Finland to facilitate the entry of Valencian nurses into the country’s job market. The aim of the meeting between CEU Rector Visiedo and the Finnish delegation was to extend the existing agreements, and, consequently, to broaden the employment opportunities of Valencian nurses in Finland.

The Finnish delegation introduced the properties of their country’s health services, as well as the training requirements for nurses, to representatives of our university. They on their part got to know the range of programs at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, including those in Nursing, Dentistry and Medicine, which are all available in English.

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