Chairman of the Local Dental Committee (LDC) for County Durham and Darlington, Dr. Hyder is also Director of the Burgess Hyder Dental Group.

Students of the Orthodontics and Dentistry degrees at CEU Cardenal Herrera University have attended a conference lead by Dr. Az Hyder, where they have been able to learn about the requirements to practise as a dentist in the NHS (National Health Service) in England.

Dr. Hyder explained to the students at CEU UCH how the process of becoming part of the network of public dentists in England works, and at the same time he reminded them about the key things needed to successfully practise the dentistry profession, from being respectful of people’s health to the well-being of patients.

Do not just settle for being a member of the profession

In his speech, Dr. Hyder reminded the future dentists about the importance of honesty, “we must treat the patient with dignity and respect.” Empathy, putting yourself in the place of the patient, perseverance, being able to excel and never giving up are also fundamental for good performance in the profession.

The coordinator of Dentistry at CEU UCH, Dr. Chirag Sheth, introduced Dr. Hyder, expert advisor to the National Health Service in England.

Dr. Hyder has led a team of oral health educators who support existing NHS services and formulate new strategies and approaches in the prevention and promotion of oral health in County Durham. Currently, he serves as chairman of the Local Dental Committee (LDC) for County Durham and Darlington and represents 85 local primary care clinics in County Durham and Darlington. He is a member of the BDA (British Dental Association), as well as a senior member of the NHS England Local Dental Network Committee. He was part of two oral health improvement strategy groups between 2009 and 2011, and also participates in two other quality and performance groups for NHS England. In addition, Dr. Hyder is the Director of the Burgess Hyder Dental Group.

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Translated by: Emily Mizon
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