Ever heard of the idiom to “to think outside the box“? This expression, though a bit cliché, is a metaphor that means to think creatively or to approach a specific situation from a new, more imaginative perspective. And so we have invited the students of our Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering to think outside the box and to attend a workshop to learn how to foster a more creative way of thinking. And the name of the workshop couldn’t be more appealing: #StopInTheNameOfWork!

La directora creativa transmedia Ana Illueca imparte en la CEU-UCH el workshop “Stop in the name of work”.

Five days, fifteen hours, a notepad…and a fit brain! During the month of November, students of our degree in Diseño Industrial y Desarrollo de Productos (Industrial Design) are taking part in a workshop about creativity called “Stop in the name of work”. These sessions, in which students are challenged to find new ideas and solutions for everyday situations, are lead by Ana Illueca, winner of different awards in the field of creative communication, including five “Premios Eficacia“, which reward the most efficient and goal-oriented communication campaigns, for clients like IKEA, Banco Sabadell, Heineken Group, the Valencian Tourism Board, IVAM, City of Arts and Sciences or the Valencian Government, among others.

Cinco días, quince horas, una libreta… y mucha cabeza, en el workshop de creatividad de la ESET.

Ana Illueca, graphic designer, has worked as Art Director in different firms and has also collaborated as Transmedia Creative Director with important design, communication and advertising agencies. She has even developed her own line of pottery products, a project in which concept, design and craftsmanship come to meet. Creativity is a key concept in her work routine, which explains why she is leading this workshop at CEU UCH: to share with our students different techniques and tools allowing them to foster creative thinking, identify innovative ideas and build new concepts around them.

#StopInTheNameOfWork is the name of this workshop, in which students also learn to appreciate the value of creativity, search for a more productive attitude and work in teams. Among the techniques used: brainstorming, deconstruction, allegories or metaphors on the menu.

During the month of November, every Wednesday, our students stop in the name of work!

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