We told you about it some days ago: University CEU Cardenal Herrera had been chosen as one of the 9 Spanish design schools participating the international Hábitat Trade Fair, one of the most important design shows in Spain. We can show you now the works that students from our university have designed and will be showcased from February 1 to 5, congratulations to all of them!

These works will be shown in Nude Show, a space within Hábitat Trade Fair devoted to young designers in which our university has participated on several occasions. In this exhibition space, visitors to the fair will be able to see works by students of the three Master’s degrees related to design that are currently included in University CEU Cardenal Herrera’s academic offer:

  • Master’s degree in Product Design
  • Master’s degree in Graphic Communication and Design
  • Master’s degree in Interior Design

All of these courses are taught in Spanish at our Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering, a centre that has been teaching design-related degrees for more than 25 years.

In Nude 2016, nine of our Master’s degree students in Product Design will  present the projects they have been working on under the subjects Design Trends and Design Contract, but also those works developed during a workshop lead by designer Luis Eslava. All of them are signed by students Germán Monedero Zafrilla, Laura Esteban Escobedo, David Ortega Torres, Minerva Suárez Benítez, Cristina Pérez Medina, Laura Sánchez Romero, Alejandro Llisterri Vicente, Mario Pina Serrano and Óscar Quiroz Rodríguez.

Students Marta Jiménez, Elía Espí, Juliane Petri and Assumpta Mercader, from our Master’s degree in Graphic Communication and Design, will also contribute to the exhibition with their final degree projects. Other works by students Laura Guadaño and Paula Pina, from our Master’s degree in Interior Design, have also been selected for the exhibition.

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