He will present new uses for biomaterials that his research into therapeutic aesthetic treatment of dental demineralisation has developed

Salvatore Sauro, a professor of Dentistry at CEU-UCH, was invited to be a special guest speaker at the International Expodental 2013. At this international congress held in Milan from tomorrow until the 19 October, Professor Sauro will present innovative uses of bioactive and biomimetic materials for therapeutic aesthetic treatment of dental demineralisation, the area on which he focuses his research.

The remineralisation of hard dental tissues as a result of dental erosion, as well as the therapeutic clinical procedures against caries, are the cornerstones of preventative and minimally invasive dentistry today. As noted by Professor Sauro, “although there is a natural physiological balance between the remineralisation and demineralisation of hard dental tissues in the oral cavity, an increase in organic acids derived from dental plaque, or from an acid rich diet, can upset this balance. This leads to demineralisation and an excessive loss of mineral content in hard dental tissues, endangering tooth integrity.”

Bioactive microfilled resins

Professor Salvatore Sauro presented the mechanisms involved in the pathologies that lead to demineralization during his speech at the International Expodental in Milan. He also presented the results of his recent research into restoring the chemical and mechanical properties of the demineralised hard dental tissues by focusing bioactive and biomimetic remineralisation of both tooth enamel and dentine.

The CEU-UCH professor´s research specifically proposes that the remineralisation of hard dental tissues (dentine and enamel) can be achieved through techniques developed by Professor Sauro using experimental resins that contain bioactive microfillers. These resins are also capable of stimulating the formation of apatite, the most important inorganic component of teeth, especially if used in conjunction with specific biomimetic agents that simulate the actions of bio-proteins during tooth development.

Besides the work that Professor Sauro is currently presenting at the International Expodental 2013 in Milan, he has recently participated, in collaboration with CEU-UCH Professor Arlinda Luzi and an international team of researchers from four universities from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Brazil, in a research project. Their research was on finding an acid that enhances the resistance and durability of dental fillings and was published in the Journal of Dentistry.  

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