Antonio Peiró-Camaró, a CEU Cardenal Herrera Computer Engineering graduate, spent more than a year living and working in Australia. He tell us about his story in this article

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“My name is Goiko Peiró-Camaró Llobet and I am a computer engineer in Business Management.
It has been a little more than a year that, bored of the general youth situation in Spain, I chose to leave everything, to sell my car, my motorbike and everything I had in order to come to Australia to run my own business.

The decision to come studying in Australia was, I know, a bit risky and unconscious because in Barcelona I had a well-paid job in Business Intelligence consulting, a car, a motorbike, and lots of friends, a good sports routine and easy access to everything. But the very boring Spanish policy made me go through half the world to reach Australia. I refused, as most young emigrants, to pay the taxes of my own country. We were all tired of seeing them trying to fool us.

I am pretty proud of saying that after one year in Australia, my partner and I have created a free platform (GrowProAustralia) to help Spanish people that wish to make their Australian dream come true. The company’s Headquarter is in Melbourne and we are managing more than 300 requests every day from people that contact us to radically change their way of living by coming here to study in Australia. We can see every kind of people, unemployed fathers, young people tired of what occurs in their country, etc. … Actually there are more than 110 students who have come to Australia with GrowPro. This makes me so proud.

Goiko Peiro, titulado en Ingeniería Informática por la CEU-UCH .

Our top priority is to be honest with the one who wants to begin this adventure.
In Australia they won’t give you anything, I came from Barcelona, where there is an easy access to everything, to Australia where I am sharing a flat with my best friend.
I have worked as dishwasher, Paella seller, Spanish teacher, storekeeper, Zara cashier… but always pursuing a dream, knowing that what I was doing was only a way to reach my objective, launching my own business.

I have worked for a thousand hours a day in order to combine the GrowPro project and other jobs during what I called ”la batalla” (“the great fight” in English). This is a long term process and let me say that we have moved forward toward a long way to finally reach our long awaited goal: To work only on the GrowProAustralia project. We have worked without respite and the one who wants to come here studying to start a new life has to know that he will have to fight for what he wants.

It is right that I may have lost a lot for what concerns social matters, entertainment and easy life but every day I am going to sleep with an image of my well-working company in mind, thinking that people still contact us and that those who are already here are happy with their choice. This greatly overcomes all the dishes I had to wash up and I am happy in Australia because I feel fulfilled. Spain can forget about me, my patience has its limits and all Spanish political parties have exceeded them”.

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