Martín Pérez is the new Student Representative of University CEU Cardenal Herrera. Third-year student of Industrial Design, Martín reveals in this interview what will the keys to his work from the Delegation be: “Getting all the students in the CEU to feel part of a Great Family”.

Which will be your priorities as the new student Representative?

This year as a new Student Representative I will work so that the strategic line of the Delegation is the integration among the students. In addition to form a good team spirit and show students that the Delegation is open to all their proposals. I am convinced that together we will achieve great results!

In a University with students from all over the world, how is the participation of all students favored from the Delegation?

Well, good question, this year we will focus on organizing activities in which the core is this integration and the much-wanted interrelation by students.

Why did you decide to submit your nomination for Student Rep?

In the Technical School we are a great family, we all know each other, and it is not uncommon to have lunch with the students in first year and then have a coffee with the seniors. For this reason I decided to submit my nominatiion, to work in the integration of all the students and to achieve that in CEU Valencia we all become a GREAT family.


You have been Student Rep for your degree and the whole Technical School. How was the experience?

Being a delegate of the Technical School is the best thing that can happen to you as a Student Rep, we have a lot of support from the School and the students are very involved in the tasks of the Delegation, there are always new ideas to propose and projects to carry on.

What has been the most complicated about your experience?

Managing time, combining personal life, academic life and work in the Delegation in a balanced way and trying to achieve all of my goals!


How are you living the university experience in CEU Valencia?

In a very active way, the University offers us many facilities and opportunities to train us personally and professionally. Initiatives such as Campus Life or CEU Emprende offer a wealth of very enriching activities, we must take advantage of them.

You are in third year of Industrial Design, why did you choose this degree?

Since I was a child I felt attracted to this field without knowing it, I spent my afternoons playing with the toys that I used to make myself with legos or mecano. I spent the holidays disassembling electrical appliances and doing with my sister what we called “inventions” that were nothing more than precarious designs with the materials that we found. In the University orientation talks I decided that this was what I wanted to dedicate myself to in the future. Now it is my passion and it has given me a whole new outlook.

What do you like the most?

It’s complicated, the design is very broad, product design, art direction, strategic design, service design, graphic design…there are many fields that interest me, but all are based on solving problems, so maybe what I like to solve problems.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

While it is true that I do not currently have a defined goal, now I want to learn everything possible to avoid ruling out future options and prepare myself for the professional world. Despite this, entrepreneurship has always been one of my concerns.

Passionate about design, committed to transformation and determined to work with all and for all students.

Congratulations Martín and good luck!

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