Our University keeps growing. Are we bigger? Maybe… Are we a little better? Of course we are! Only two weeks ago we opened a new building where, for the first time and in the same space, all the UCH-CEU Health Sciences degrees are gathered.

An accessible building focused on teaching and research in Medicine, Nursery, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Dentistry.It is clearly a big project. Its dimensions, more than 19.900 squared metres of modern facilities, speak for themselves.

But this building is not big just because of its dimensions.

The best is not what you see from the outside but what you can live inside: the commitment to an educational system where facilities are permanently at the service of practical and personalised education.

We are sure that the advanced simulation rooms can make all this possible in fields such as Nursery, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy. In those rooms, our students can face situations that they will have to face in the future and they have to be well prepared. The best thing is to do so in cutting-edge places that can guarantee an almost-real life experience.

Can you imagine how much your education can improve with 30 teaching and research labs? Would you like to have at your disposal clinical and preclinical rooms where to carry out your Odontology traineeship? If this is your vocation, our campus is the place for you.

In our campus, future Healthcare professionals have at their disposal all kinds of cutting-edge resources. We want all them to put into practice what they learn during the classes and that they can do so using the best tools and equipment.



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