The Beyond the Line Observatory is a teaching project, concerned with theoretical as well as practical aspects, implemented by the Department of Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Information Technology of University CEU Cardenal Herrera.

The Observatory functions like a classroom where professionals, teachers and students learn together and share experiences regarding the developments new communication technologies offer, as well as regarding specialized communication technologies.

The project set out in 2002 with the aim of studying organizational and commercial communication disciplines that are not the so-called “advertising techniques and classic media”. Corporate communication has since that time undergone important changes, adopting new approaches for more complex situations.

AGR Food Marketing has from the start been partner in the project. Other partners have step by step joined Beyond the Line, and continue to share their experience and professional knowledge for the common benefit.

The goals of the Beyond the Line Observatory are to keep up with the field of communication and to establish its theoretical and operative foundations.

Where can we test new teaching methodologies adapted to constant updating and contact with phenomena which are sprouting like mushrooms? Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing, Advertainment, Advergames, Flow Marketing, Ambient, Marketing Experiencial, Street Marketing. All of these are communication techniques, and have numerous applications, and, yet, they are absent from the theoretical literature.

Many such new phenomena are not currently regarded as part of one of the fields that the advertising sector is composed of since not even the sector itself clearly understands which one they might be a part of. Public Relations? Direct Marketing? International Marketing? A combination of all of these?

The Communications field requires a place where it is possible to work, and to reflect on and assimilate these different communication techniques. We should keep in mind that the tendency of developing new communication techniques will never stop.

It is all of this that the Beyond the Line Observatory is concerned with.

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