Students were divided into multidisciplinary teams and participated in different challenges at El Saler area near Valencia. The goal? Put their creativity and work capacity to the test and try to overcome the challenges presented by their professors.

Games and challenges but in a different environment: the beach. This has been the first activity organized by our Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering (ESET) to welcome their new students of Industrial Design and Architecture. Under the motto Ready, steady, go!, students of both degrees have shared a training day at the beach, working in teams and cooperating with classmates from different origins and cultural backgrounds.

Seaweed, stones, rocks, seashells and sand…These were the main tools students had to try and solve the first game: drawing in the sand different elements related to the fields of Design and Architecture. Apart from the fun, all the activities had two common goals: testing their problem-solving abilities and getting them acquainted with some of the basic concepts in Psychics they will be using throughout their studies.

You can see all the pictures in our flickr gallery!


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