The participants in the iWeek debated on legal regulations regarding judicial independence, transparency, equality and non-discrimination in the European Union.

Three professors from the universities of Manchester, Wolverhampton and Perugia visited CEU Cardenal Herrera University so as to participate in the International Week of the degree programs in Law and Political Sciences. Susana Sanz Caballero, professor of International Humanitarian Law at CEU-UCH, organised the iWeek. The participants in the project debated on the legal regulations regarding equality, non-discrimination and transparency, among other subjects.

Moot court on equality

Professor John Cotter, from the University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom), spoke in this iWeek on judicial independence and the transparency or accountability of the European Court of Justice. She and Eleaine Dewhurst, professor at the University of Manchester, carried out a simulated lawsuit – or moot court – together with students from the program in Law studies at CEU-UCH. The moot court was on a case of equality and non-discrimination, and was carried out exactly like the European Court of Justice would. Professor Dewhurst spoke at two conferences on equality and the relation between equality and crisis in the legal framework of the European Union, two themes our students had the chance to bring into practice during the moot court.

Los profesores Sanz, Cotter y Dewhurst en la primera jornada de la International Week de Derecho 2014 en la CEU-UCH.

Roberto Cippitani, professor at the University of Perugia (Italy), participated in the iWeek on Law and Political Sciences at CEU-UCH with a conference on the freedom of movement for individuals and its importance for science and technology in the European Union. He included in his presentation a case study on family relationships in the European Union from a legal perspective. The students who took part in the iWeek participated in this case study.

The iWeek of the degree programs in Law and Political Sciences is one of the internationalization activities at the Faculty of Law, Business and Political Sciences at CEU-UCH. As Susana Sanz is international coordinator at the Faculty and holds the Jean Monnet Chair at CEU-UCH, the organization of the iWeek was her responsibility.


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