International press agencies such as Alphagalileo and Science Daily, the American magazine Veterinary Practice News, the British organization CAB International and the American Animal Hospital Association collected the news

José Ignacio Redondo, profesor de Veterinaria de la CEU-UCH.

The research led by the professor of veterinary medicine of the CEU-UCH José Ignacio Redondo “Retrospective study of the prevalence of postanaesthetic hypothermia in dogs” reaches a significant level of diffusion in international scientific media. It is the first international study on this subject to be published in the scientific magazine Veterinary Record. Since its diffusion in the international agency of scientific news Alphagalileo, this study has got near 750 visits from specialized journalists that subscribe to this news service.

The diffusion in Alphagalileo, carried out in collaboration with the Network of Valencian Universities for the promotion of Research, Development and Innovation (RUVID), led the prestigious American magazine Veterinary Practice News, distributed to all American veterinary professionals, to publish a report concerning this study made by the professor Redondo, from the CEU-UCH, in digital and paper versions.

Results of this study have also been published by other media such as Science Daily, the North-American most important portal for scientific news on an international scale, with more than 3 million visitors and 15 million of pages seen in a month, and with a strong social media presence.

Prestigious international portals of the veterinarian community also relayed the news concerning the publishing of this research report. In detail, the British organization Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI), and the American Animal Hospital Association.

The article of this research has been published in the scientific magazine Veterinary Record. More information concerning this study, in the Scientific News section of the CEU-UCH website: More than 80 % of dogs suffer from hypothermia after a Veterinarian operation with anesthesia.

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